Flat Travelling Cables

Deltacab have manufactured products for the elevator and escalator industry for more than 12 years. Our products have been and are used in high-performance elevators all over India.

As a leading manufacturer, we know the requirements not only in accordance with the standards but also the specific needs of our customers in a particular, in order to be able to give customer benefits the highest priority.

Elevator and control cables connect the control unit to the car and all relevant units such as, for example, car lighting, CCTV cameras, the car lighting, push buttons and safety equipments.

Deltacab Flat Travelling Cables are made up of 99.97% pure electrolytic copper and specially formulated PVC with a blend of Elastomer, for continuous flexing operation.


  • Conductor: Flexible bright annealed bare copper conductor Class 5, manufactured using 99.97 % pure electrolytic grade copper, with more than 100 % conductivity
  • Insulation: Specially Formulated PVC with blend of Elastomer, for continuous flexing operation, meeting the requirement of Type D as per IEC 60227-2.
  • Core Identification: White Cores with black numbering all along with one Yellow/Green Earthing Core
  • Outer Sheath: Specially formulated PVC with blend of Elastomer, for continuous flexing operation, meeting the requirement of ST 5 as per IEC 60227-2 in Light Grey Colour.


  • Free Suspension Length: 45 Meters (Max.)
  • Travelling Height: 80 Meters (Max.)
  • Running Speed: 4 Meters / Second (Max.)
  • Acceleration: <0.80 Meters / Second
  • Operating Temperature: Mobile Utilization -50⁰C ~ +700⁰C | Fixed Utilization -100⁰C ~ +700⁰C
  • Bending Radius: Cable Thickness X 10 (Min)
  • Recommended Loop Dia: Cable Thickness D < 5 mm; D X 70 (min.) | Cable Thickness D < 5 ~ 9 mm; D X 65 (min.) | Cable Thickness D > 9 mm; D X 60 (min.) | According to table Tolerance -50 mm, +100 mm
  • IR Constant at 270⁰C: 36.7 M O km

CCTV Cables

Deltacab is an industrial leader in the manufacturing of CCTV cameras which are used in elevators and escalators. We manufacture flat travelling cameras for IP as well as Analog cameras. All these cables are made in RoHS and with anti-rodent properties. We also provide customization in CCTV cables such as Analog + IP Composite Flat Travelling Cable, Triple Cat 6 Flat Travelling Cable, Flat Telecommunication and CCTV Cable etc.

Standard Product Range:

  • Cat 6 Flat Travelling Cable
  • 2+2 (2C X 0.50 sqmm + RG-174 Coaxial) CCTV Flat Travelling Cable
  • 3+1 (3C X 0.50 sqmm + RG-59 Coaxial) CCTV Flat Travelling Cable

Deltacab also manufactures best in class CANBUS / MODBUS / SERIAL COMMUNICATION cables. They are basically shielded cables used for communication in elevators and escalators. We ensure that the cable have perfect twisting and Lay Ratio to bring about the best noise cancellation results layered with rubberised material to ensure flexibility and durability of cable.

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