Instrumentation Cables

Deltacab manufactures variety of cables suitable for process instrumentation. Process instrumentation play a vital role in measurement, control process and supervision in projects related to power generation & distribution, chemical and fertilizer industries and other industries. The cables used for instrumentation need to be designed and manufactured very carefully since the low-level signals are prone to external noise pickups during transmission. Deltacab Instrumentation cables are manufactured with stringent quality measures and process control.

These cables are available in various types such as individual, pairs, triads etc. with Aluminium Polyester Tape and Drain Wire and are available in armoured as well as unarmoured. Deltacab Instrumentation Cables facilitate smooth communication of Low-Level Signal from Electronic Transmitters.


  • Aluminium/polyester tape with tinned copper drain wire
  • Copper/polyester tape with tinned copper drain wire
  • Bare copper braid, for electromagnetic interference / noise
  • Tinned copper braid for electromagnetic interference in existence of corrosive atmosphere.

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