R & D

Deltacab is developing market-leading products and securing core technologies for customer value maximization.

Deltacab Research Centre is maximizing customer values by developing high-function and high-quality products based on technological power built over the years.
In addition, the R&D department is leading the related industries through increased-capacity, eco-friendly and high efficiency product development.

R&D Vision:

Proposing future directions by developing differentiated technologies and products, and creating market-leading new business items.

R & D

Key Research Areas:

Cable Development:

  • Value-added niche item development
  • Polymer material analysis
  • Basic study on increased production capacity

Moulded Cords Development:

  • Home appliances wiring solution development
  • Study on commercialization
  • Study for productivity improvement and cost leadership

Flat Travelling Cable Development:

  • Upgraded performance of existing products
  • Composite Cables development
  • Development for high-speed elevators/escalators

Wire Harness and Spiral Cord Development:

  • Smart Wiring System
  • Discovering and reviewing new business items
  • LAN Cable Solutions and Speciality Cables Development

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