Individual and Overall Shielded Cables

Deltacab Shielded Cables are used in process control applications. Wide range of shielded cables are designed for interconnection of switching system equipment, Plant Automation, electronic equipments, process control applications. Shielded Cables are needed to combat the effects of EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) which is caused by electrical noise either radiated or conducted.

There are two type of shielding used for cables which are Aluminium Mylar Foil Shielding with drain wire and ABC/ATC Copper Braiding.

Deltacab Sheilded Cables are used in various applications such as Electronic Weighing Scales, Plant Automation, Electronic Equipments, Medical Instrumentation, Control Instrumentation, Data Transmission etc.


  • 99.98 % Pure Annealed Bare / Tinned Copper
  • Specially Formulated PVC (also available in HR/HRFR/FR/FRLS) with high insulation resistance
  • Core are well identified with colours or number marking
  • More than 85 % coverage of copper breading
  • Available in prolonged length of 500m to 1000m