Spiral Cord

Deltacab is a leading manufacturer of Spiral Cords. We provide the right cable to suit every application for device connections, customized assemblies, for mobility sector, for robotic systems etc.

The industry demands high level restoring force and dimensional stability in spiral cords. Hence, we manufacture spiral cords with TPR/PVC Outer Sheaths, which can be used as control cables movable components. The spiral cords contain specially designed conductors and shielding if required, to withstand rugged use. The spiral cords facilitate neutral and loss free audio transmission due to fine and special copper strand construction. We design spiral cords which are robust and compact for efficient use and to attain maximum expandable length.

In terms of Mobility sector, our main strength lies in the charging cables. In terms of device connections, we manufacture spiral cords with PVC/TPR Outersheaths for lighting industry and other standard applications. With our in-house development team and cable plant, we can develop, produce and deliver spiral cords specifically to customer requirements.


  • PVC/TPR Outersheath to withstand high mechanical stress
  • Extension lengths of up to 3.5x the unextended spiral length
  • High restoring force
  • Various cable cross sections
  • Customization


  • Manual Pulse Generator (MPG) Spiral Cord
  • Lighting Spiral Cord
  • Earthing Spiral Cord
  • Examination Chair Spiral Cord
  • Vehicle Charging Spiral Cord
  • Safety Spiral Cord
  • Telephone Cords
  • Power Spiral Cord
  • Automotive Spiral Cord
  • Medical Instrumentation Spiral Cord
  • Customized Spiral Cord