Coaxial Cables

Detlacab Coaxial Cables support high bandwidth signal transmission. These cables have good flexibility and ease-of-use. These cables allow high transfer rates and sufficient frequency range to support multiple channels. At Deltacab, we fully test coaxial cables on all parameters with a view to make it preferred choice for a variety of use in CCTV networks by private and public operators.

Coaxial cables are used in various applications such as Television, commercial Ethernet, local area networking. These cable facilitate long distance transmission and hence are used even by the Defence sector in radio transmitters and receivers.


  • Insulation – The insulation provided over the conductor is of foam PE which acts as a dielectric.
  • Braiding - The braiding is generally provided with 60 % coverage of ATC (Annealed Tinned Copper).
  • Conductor – High quality coaxial for cable TV network for notch free attenuation values over ride range of frequencies. The special jacketing offers increased life even in rugged conditions.
  • Screen – Aluminium Mylar Tape is provided over insulated conductor to shield the conductor and ensure disturbance free transmission of signals.

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