Moulded Cords

Moulded Cords is one of the most used products worldwide when it comes to the usage of a plethora of appliances. Deltacab is the pioneer of Moulded Cords in the Indian market with a wide product range suitable for all applications such as Extension Boards, Spike Guards, TVs, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens, Audio-Video Systems, Air Conditioners, Computer Peripherals, Vacuum Cleaners, etc. Deltacab is known for its cost optimization and excellent performance in Moulded Cords.

The electrical power cords are manufacturing using latest technology as per the innovations of the electrical industry. They are available in all types of colours and sizes. The moulded cords are available in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation which bestows it with features of resistance to grease, oils, cracking, and acids.

Deltacab is one of International Moulded Cords Manufacturers in India with European Power Cords, US Power plug, UK type Power Cord etc. New plug types are always in development to keep adding to the product range.


  • Indian Plug – 3 Pin (6 Amp)
  • Indian Plug – 3 Pin (16 Amp)
  • Indian Plug – 2 Pin
  • UK Plug Power Cord
  • Customized Power Cords

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Download PDF